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Beta Group Launch

As we navigate the journey of bringing 28ish to life, we’ve encountered our fair share of twists and turns. Today, we come to you with

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Remembering Your Cycle

If you are new to this whole cycle tracking thing and you want to remember or look for patterns in your cycle, I have a cheat for you. Whenever I want to remember a day gone by I go into emotional forensics mode. Let’s get started!

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Day 3: Womb Wisdom

The wisdom I draw from my practice of menstrual cycle awareness truly helps me to understand things about myself so much more.

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No Strings Attached Recap From a Cycle Centric Perspective

Why is it head scratching that a show entirely focused on the lives of Womxn would tackle the subjects of menstruation and menopause?
The episode title itself, is a nod to the hilarious “menstrual drama” that unfolds in the episode, which, was written by female writers, and mirrors their own experience with flash periods in menopause.

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On Timing

Whether the thing is exercise, responding to emails, or reconciling accounts. I used to really beat myself up about this one thing, my timing. I always needed to show up the same way. I always thought I was failing when I couldn’t force myself to do certain things on the schedule I had decided that I would do them on. Timing. 

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Carrie Mckinnon

Chief Executive Mensturator



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