On Timing

I’ve been circling around this concept for a while.

Aware that I’ve experienced a shift in recent years in how I view my timing. I’ve been calling this self care through cycle awareness and it is that, yes, but more than that, it’s timing. 

My awareness of my cyclical nature has led me to trust my timing. It has led me to understand that there are simply some days, some weeks, where I cannot “do the thing”. 

Whether the thing is exercise, responding to emails, or reconciling accounts. I used to really beat myself up about this one thing, my timing. I always needed to show up the same way. I always thought I was failing when I couldn’t force myself to do certain things on the schedule I had decided that I would do them on. Timing. 

Through tracking my cycle and understanding how I tend to show up at different times in my cycle, I know that my timing is perfect. I know that everything happens when it is absolutely meant to. I know that if I drop something, miss something, don’t show up the way I am “supposed to”…well, it’s no loss to me. The people, projects, jobs, and situations that belong in my life can sustain this cyclical nature. 

My sense of what is appropriate timing has changed to facilitate where I am in my cycle. I no longer subscribe to the masculine idea that I will be the same way most of the time, that I will keep the same habits most days, that I will be the same version of myself in all areas of my life. 

1.) It’s not going to happen like that.

2.) I no longer feel GUILTY  about that. 

3.) I am no longer judging myself for that, I embrace it. 

If you are hard on yourself for not doing things within a prescribed timeline, I urge you to tune in to your own timeline. Pay attention to what cycle day you are on when you DO get the thing done. Pay equal attention to what day you are on when getting the thing done is the last thing you could even imagine doing. Listen to that. Plan for it. Respect it. Make space for it and you will begin to draw power from it. And hey, don’t WORRY. Don’t beat yourself up. Things get done, it’s a process…a cycle.

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Carrie Mckinnon

Chief Executive Mensturator



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