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Who Is 28ish?

Dedicated to Educating women

Our vision is a world where every woman feels confident and in control of her body and emotions, no matter her age or background. We envision a future where menstrual cycle tracking is a commonplace practice, and women everywhere are educated about the profound impact their cycles can have on their lives.

Carrie McKinnon: Chief Executive Menstruator

Carrie is a menstrual cycle awareness advocate and the founder of 28ish. She’s dedicated to raising awareness about menstrual cycles and empowering individuals with knowledge about their bodies.

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At 28ish, we’re on a mission to empower women of all ages by raising awareness of the female cyclical nature. We believe that menstrual cycle awareness is about more than just tracking your period – it’s about understanding your body’s unique needs and rhythms throughout the month. Join us in our mission to promote menstrual cycle awareness and unlock the full potential of your cyclical nature.

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