Day 3: Womb Wisdom

The wisdom I draw from my practice of menstrual cycle awareness truly helps me to understand things about myself so much more. This cycle’s womb wisdom has allowed me to see for myself that I no longer want to be any part of professional pursuits that I am not aligned with on a higher level. I went into this bleed desperate for a job change, just any change.  As my bleed came crashing into my life, I heard that inner voice telling me that it would no longer be good enough just to ‘have a job, any job’ as long as it meets my financial and physical requirements. No, that will no longer suffice. The next job I have, if not for running this business 100% of the time, will be one that I am aligned with, interested in, and feel valued in. Otherwise, what’s the point in leaving where I am. Thank you womb wisdom! This is what they mean by ‘bleeding on it’. 

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Carrie Mckinnon

Chief Executive Mensturator



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