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Who Is 28ish?

Dedicated to Educating women

Our vision is a world where every woman feels confident and in control of her body and emotions, no matter her age or background. We envision a future where menstrual cycle tracking is a commonplace practice, and women everywhere are educated about the profound impact their cycles can have on their lives.

Your body is talking to you.

There's a reason why you don't function at 100% all month.

Learn how to listen to your inner seasons.

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  • Gain clarity

    Confused by fluctuating motivation with your cycle? Don’t worry, it’s totally normal. 28ish will guide you through what's happening, and when to expect it.

  • Understand Yourself

    Feeling frustrated because you can't perform at your best? It happens to everyone, but it's your body sending a message. 28ish helps you tune into your feelings.


    We've all hit that point of wanting to hide from life. Understanding why and how your cycle influences it is crucial. Let 28ish lend a hand!


    It can be discouraging feeling like you're flaking out on family and friends, but don't worry, it's just one of your inner seasons! 28ish can guide you through the reasons behind how you feel.

You deserve to know your body’s rhythms

and be in control of your life


    Tracking your cycle, moods, and activities reveals your unique rhythms.

  • Be 100% you

    Plan your life to align with your natural rhythms.


    Gain control of your life when you partner with yourself.

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2. Start Tracking

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A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Use Our App

We aren’t like other period-tracking apps! We go beyond simply tracking your cycle.

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  • Step 1

    Input the first day of your last period

  • Step 2

    Integrate your current inner season, or hormonal cycle, with your calendar.

  • Step 3

    Use our built-in mood and activity tracker to discover your unique superpowers.

  • Step 4

    Check out the special cards that the app features providing educational content about each inner season, helping you to better understand your body and its needs.

  • Step 5

    Use our app to better plan your days, not just around your period, but your mood, your inner season, your hormones, and more!

Why 28ish?

  • Trust Your Timing

    Trust Your Timing

    Optimize your life by aligning activities and decisions with your inner seasons. Work with, not against, your cyclical self.

  • Feel Power-full

    Feel Power-full

    Experience a deeper connection with yourself by being aware of who you are at every point in your cycle. Access your full power.

  • Self-Care Wisdon

    Self-Care Wisdon

    Tracking reveals predictable variations in your energy. Know when to be gentle with yourself. No more guilt from misplaced expectations.

  • Well-Being


    Discover your body's secret language. It holds the keys to your well-being.


We're Here To Help

Tracking your monthly cycle lets you tune in to your body’s unique rhythms. It’s not just about marking dates on a calendar; it’s about understanding the ebbs and flows of your hormones and how they impact your energy, mood, and overall well-being. Think of it as your roadmap to better self-care.

You learn to see how different aspects of your wisdom take precedence throughout the month. Tracking your moods and activities, not just the days of your menstruation, reveals your unique rhythms. It’s like having a heads-up on your body’s playbook. Acquiring this knowledge opens up new possibilities in your life.

That information allows you to schedule your days and activities to align with your personal rhythms. Some weeks are better than others to have that important client meeting or to spend quiet time planning or being creative. This approach gives you control of what you do so you can always show up as your best self.

So, embrace the power of tracking your cycle – it’s not just about periods and ovulation; it’s about knowing yourself a little better each month. It’s like having an honest conversation with your body. So, grab our app and let the cycle-tracking wisdom begin!

Tracking your monthly cycle is like having a personalized user manual for your body, and the more you keep tabs on it, the more you discover its unique patterns. Ideally, tracking for a few months – say, three to six – gives you a solid foundation. During this time, you start recognizing trends in your mood, energy levels, and those days when you feel like your supershero self.

It’s not just about knowing when your period is due; it’s about understanding the entire hormonal symphony that plays out each month. But it’s not one-size-fits-all. Some women find joy in tracking for years, and that’s fine. Having a continuous conversation with your body fine-tunes your understanding of its signals over time.

So, why bother with the ongoing tracking? Because life happens and bodies change. Stress, lifestyle shifts, or even that new workout routine can throw a little curveball into your usual cycle rhythm. You’re equipped to navigate these changes by staying in the tracking game. And it’s not about being enslaved to your calendar; it’s about being in sync with your body.

The key is consistency. It’s like discovering your body’s secret language – a language that becomes clearer and more empowering over time. So, consider tracking a lifelong skill, like riding a bike or mastering the perfect pancake flip. It’s an investment in your well-being, helping you partner with yourself to live with grace and understanding.

Tracking your monthly cycle is more than just keeping tabs on when you bleed; it’s a journey of empowerment that flips the script on societal norms. In a world that often downplays the significance of a woman’s cycle, tracking becomes almost a rebellion, a way to reclaim ownership of your body and its natural rhythms. It’s about breaking free from patriarchal expectations that often paint women’s hormonal fluctuations as inconvenient or even taboo. Most women have adopted that perspective without questioning.

When you track, you’re saying, “Hey, I’m in tune with my body, and I’m embracing its cyclical nature.” It’s a subtle act of defiance against a system that sometimes makes us feel ashamed or out of control. Knowing your cycle becomes a superpower, a tool to navigate the ebb and flow of energy, mood, and productivity. Understanding that our bodies aren’t static; they’re dynamic, ever-changing entities deserving of attention and respect is empowering.

Tracking becomes a revolutionary act of self-love, rejecting the notion that women should conform to a one-size-fits-all male standard. It’s a celebration of the beautiful diversity of our bodies and experiences. Tracking reclaims knowledge and agency in a world where women’s health has often been sidelined or misunderstood. Knowledge is power, and understanding your cycle gives you the keys to your own well-being. So, in this journey of empowerment, tracking your monthly cycle is not just a choice; it’s a declaration that your body, with all its intricacies, is worthy of attention, understanding, and celebration.

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Ever wonder why there’s days, sometimes weeks, when you can’t find your mojo? Most women are living and planning their lives to match other people’s schedules and needs. When you’re living out of sync with your moods and needs, you can be left feeling guilty, ashamed, or frustrated.

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