Remembering Your Cycle

January 29, 2021

If you are new to this whole cycle tracking thing and you want to remember or look for patterns in your cycle, I have a cheat for you. Whenever I want to remember a day gone by I go into emotional forensics mode! Let me explain below. 

1.) Know your current day. Example: I am on Day 24 of my cycle and today is January 28th. I saw this awesome prompt on Instagram that made me want to remember what my day 16 was like. 

2.) Count backwards from today’s date and your cycle day: Jan 27th = Day 23, Jan 26th = Day 22, Jan 25th = Day21,…,Jan 20th – Day 16

3.) Find the date on your phone or google photos and remember your day in the images you took, the things you might have saved, messages you sent, etc. Here are my Day 16 mood photos for the past 3 months: Do you see a trend?

January Day 16

December Day 16


November Day 16


Apparently I am super into myself on Day 16 of my cycle and likely to take a selfie! I didn’t know that about myself until now, love it! How is this information useful to me? Well, if I am planning my month in advance and need to book a photo session or a webinar then I know I’ll be showing up ready for it that day. 

4.) You will see the patterns and this all gets a lot less complicated if you just start tracking each day in a journal or wherever you like. 

Comment with your day 16 or whatever day is easiest for you to try this out on.

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Carrie Mckinnon

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