Beautiful Blood

My Beautiful Blood – A poem

My Beautiful Blood arrived exactly on time this month.

Another month of bleeding, learning.

It arrived for me at work today. 

I carried my silk sachet that holds my cup into the bathroom,


Last month, I worked out with the receptionist that she was one cycle day ahead of me. 

I reminisced to her that when I worked for myself, I always took the first day off work.

I nurtured and cared for myself within the boundaries of the life I had created.


My beautiful blood arrived today, 

Day 1

I am almost numb from the waist down,

craving green soul cleansing food and vitamins.

Yet here I am. 

At work, 

against the grain of my practice and desires. 

She called in.

Said it was stomach problems.

I chuckled to myself,

good for you girl. 

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Carrie Mckinnon

Chief Executive Mensturator



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